Pre-K and Kindergarten Supply Lists




 Please label everything 

In order to participate in Physical Education and play on playground equipment at recess, children must wear tennis shoes that are flat and have ties, Velcro or straps.

The following lists are items that will likely be needed by the student during the year and families may donate the optional supplies.



Book bag – to go back and forth to school – standard size
Change of clothes/sweater or sweatshirt; put in plastic bag (include underwear and socks) to stay in your child’s cubby all year.
**Make sure you label all clothing, etc., with your child’s name**

Two solid color plastic pocket folders with prongs – please put name inside -
(AM PK – Blue), (PM PK – Red)
One half-inch plastic (bendable binder)

To keep at home:
One box of crayons (basic colors)
Two pencils (large/fat “beginner” pencils)
One pair of scissors – blunt
Two glue sticks
Two highlighters
Three dry-erase markers
One zipper pouch pencil case

Families may donate the following supplies:
Baby wipes                           Hand Sanitizer (Boys)
Tissues                                  Liquid soap (Girls)
Zip-top bags (sandwich & gallon size)


One book bag or backpack
One plastic pocket folder with prongs
Two packs of 24 crayons
One pack of washable fat magic markers
Ten glue sticks
One bottle of liquid glue
Two packs of #2 pencils (one pack of thick and one pack of standard)
One pair of student scissors - blunt (no plastic blades)
One pack of dry erase markers
One hard plastic school box

*You will also need these supplies at home for homework and they may need to be replenished during the school year.

Families may donate the following supplies:
Baby wipes                                 Brown lunch bags
Boxes of tissues                          Paper towels
Hand Sanitizer                            Hand soap
Set of watercolor paints
Zip-top bags (boys bring in sandwich size and girls bring in gallon size)

Revised 6/19