1st through 5th Grade Supply Lists


GRADES 1 - 5


Please label everything

No wheels on backpacks. 

In order to participate in Physical Education and play on playground equipment at recess, children must wear tennis shoes that are flat and have ties, Velcro or straps. 

The following lists are items that will likely be needed by the student during the year and families may donate the optional supplies. 

1st Grade


Two plastic pocket folders with prongs  (one purple and one color of choice)

One pencil case

One pack of big pink erasers

One pack of sticky notes (blank – 3 x 3 inch)

Two boxes of crayons (24 count)

Two packs of 24 - #2 pencils (sharpened)

One pair of scissors - blunt (no plastic blades)

Ten glue sticks (large non-color, no liquid glue)

Two composition books

Personal headphones (label with student’s name)

Computer mouse (label with student’s name)

**You will also need these supplies at home for homework and they may need to be replenished during the school year.


Families may donate the following supplies:

Boxes of tissues                           Gallon zip-top bags

Hand sanitizer                               Sandwich zip-top bags

Wipes                                              Paper towels

Paper lunch bags

2nd Grade


Four or more boxes of #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

Two or more big pink erasers

One pack of crayons or crayon pencils (no markers)

One pair of scissors (no plastic blades)

Four or more large glue sticks (no liquid glue)

Four plastic pocket folders with prongs (1 each of blue,   

      purple, red & green)

Three composition notebooks (wide ruled)

1 highlighter – 1 pink or 1 yellow (No other colors please)

Two or more packs of sticky notes (blank – 3 x 3 inch)

One fabric, zippered pencil case (boxes don’t fit in desks)

One pack dry erase markers (unscented - due to allergies)

Personal headphones (label with student’s name)

No pencil sharpeners


Families may donate the following supplies:

Boxes of tissues (2 or more)       Gallon zip-top bags

Hand sanitizer                              Sandwich zip-top bags

Wipes                                              Paper towels or napkins

Eraser for dry erase markers      

Computer mouse (label with student’s name)


rd Grade


Two packs of 12 - #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

Three packs of glue sticks (no liquid glue)

One pair of student scissors

One pack of colored pencils (no markers)

One pencil box or pouch

One pack of yellow highlighters

One pack of dry erase markers

One pack of sticky notes (3 x 3 inch)

Four pocket folders with prongs

Four spiral notebooks (wide ruled)

Personal headphones (label with student’s name)

Wireless mouse (label with student’s name)


Families may donate the following supplies:

Boxes of tissues

Baby wipes

Zip-top bags (gallon, sandwich, and snack sizes)

Hand sanitizer


th Grade


One 2-inch, three-ring binder

One pack of 5-tab dividers

Six plastic pocket folders with prongs 

Three or more packs of 12 - #2 pencils (sharpened)

One or more packs of pink erasers

One pack of sheet protectors (3 holes)

One or more packs of wide ruled notebook paper

Five composition notebooks (wide ruled)

One pack of colorful pens (not blue or black)

One box of colored pencils

One pack of multi-colored highlighters

Two or more packs of sticky notes (3 x 3 inch)

Two or more packs of index cards (3 x 5 inch)

One or more packs of glue sticks

One or more packs of dry erase markers with erasers

Pencil box or case

Personal headphones (label with student’s name)


Families may donate the following supplies:

Boxes of tissues                                     Paper towels

Baby wipes                                             Hand Sanitizer

Zip-top bags (gallon and sandwich)

Computer mouse – wired or wireless (label w/student’s name)

th Grade


Two packs of 12 - #2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

One 12-inch ruler with centimeters and inches

Four large glue sticks

One 2-inch, three-ring binder 

Two packs of wide ruled notebook paper

Two pink erasers

Two highlighters

One pair of scissors

One box of colored pencils

Five pocket folders (no prongs) – must fit into binder (blue, green, red, orange, purple)

Three pocket folders with prongs (yellow, orange, green)

One zippered pencil case – make sure all items fit in your pencil case (no boxes/must fit in binder)

Four composition notebooks

One red pen

Two blue or black pens

Two dry erase markers

One box of crayons

One pack of index cards (3 x 5 inch)


Please put the following items in your pencil case: 10 sharpened pencils, 1 glue stick, 1 eraser, 1 highlighter, scissors, colored pencils and crayons (leave in box), calculator, and red pen.  Bring your packed pencil case with you on the first day of school with 1 pack of paper, folders, notebooks, and binder. Leave all extra items at home! 

Please replenish supplies with extra items when necessary.


Families may donate the following supplies:

Boxed tissues


Personal headphones (label with student’s name)

Gallon zip-top bags                                                                                                                       



Revised 6/16