January 2017  
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Victory Villa is temporarily located in the Rosedale area of northeast Baltimore County. The community boasts of three and four generations attending a school which is rich in history. Our diverse population is approximately 400 students in pre-kindergarten through grade five. Victory Villa receives Title I funding which provides additional faculty/staff positions, family involvement initiatives, summer camp, and additional materials and incentives to support instruction. Our highly qualified faculty provides rigorous and motivating academic programs that focus on customized and personalized lessons, intervention programs, and support services, as part of daily instruction. In addition, targeted instruction is implemented for students receiving special education services and students who qualify for the gifted and talented program. Faculty and staff provide after school learning opportunities. Our school reaps the benefits of a strong and successful PTA and several very supportive business partnerships.



Our Vision

Victory Villa Elementary School will be among the highest-performing schools in the county as a result of creating, sustaining, and investing in a culture of deliberate excellence and personal growth for every student in our school community.

Our Mission

Victory Villa Elementary School will provide a collaborative, student-centered environment which encourages critical thinking and creativity within a safe and positive learning community, through a rigorous program that meets the needs of our diverse learners.

Our Beliefs

~Schools should teach:

  • Lifelong learning, real life skills, problem solving, communication, responsibility, accountability, independence, character, organization

~A good school is one that:

  • Encourages, accommodates, collaborates, expects, is involved with families and community, is tolerant, is flexible and responsive, fosters creativity

    ~A successful student is able to:

  • Be resourceful, apply new learning, think critically, persevere, master grade level expectations, set goals, communicate, respect, cooperate

    ~An effective classroom is one in which:

  • Students are engaged and interacting, student-centered, inviting and organized, offers a variety of learning opportunities and encourages students to express their ideas, demonstrates a respectful rapport with teachers, students, families, students feel safe and cared about

    ~A good school faculty/staff member is one who:

  • A team player, approachable, challenges and supports others, collaborates and communicates, understands their responsibilities, is highly qualified, facilitator of learning, puts students first, is flexible, is enthusiastic and motivating, knows how to laugh, celebrates the positive

    ~A quality instructional program includes:

  • Accessible curriculum that can be effectively implemented, rigor, differentiation, attainable expectations, variety of learning resources, an interdisciplinary model

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